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How to Get DoFollow Backlinks and Traffic From Reddit

Get traffic from Reddit
There’s no doubt that you can still get high PR Do Follow backlinks from social media sites like Reddit which is our today main targeted social site in which you learn that how you can get
DoFollow backlink from Reddit and increase your page rank in search results for maximizing your organic traffic.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a growing Social Media site around 235+ Million Active Users in which users submit their links and text posts with up and down vote functionality which are an icon of this social site. But there're some rules that you have to follow before submit your blog or post link to get traffic as mentioned below.

Rules of Reddit For Submitting Links

You have to increase your post karma Up to 400-500 and it’s good for you to increase comment karma up to 50-100 which is a little time taken process.

Tips to Increase Your Karma Links.

  • First, sign up on
  • Then, save any cute pets images from Google Image Search.
  • Upload that image on then copy the given image URL from Imgur and paste in for assuring that it hasn’t submitted before on Reddit if an image is already submitted so don’t go for it try another one.
  • When you fully sure that your image isn’t submitted before so share that Imgur image on Reddit and give the catchy title and choose the subreddit of aww for getting quick upvotes. Click on Submit that’s it.
After reaching the above milestone, then follow the below steps to get unlimited decent and high backlinks for your blog.

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First, of all, you have to be active on your niche category subreddits which have millions of subscribers and active users like you can submit any text post, comments on other posts for showing Sub-Reddit that you are an active user instead of spam.

Guideline: You can analyze any subreddits through meta-Reddit.

Then, submit your post link on the subreddit and when you got more than 20 upvotes so you will start to get the decent amount of DoFollow Backlinks from Reddit and it will also increase your referral traffic. If you succeed to get 100+ upvotes and then there’s no doubt that you will get high traffic and a decent amount of traffic from this growing social site.


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