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Add Web Push Notifications in Blogger/WordPress For Massive Traffic

Web push notification
Here in this article, you will learn that how you can add web push notifications in Blogger or WordPress in easy steps. Now I am pretty sure that you are thinking that what does push notification mean and how it can increase your blog traffic Normal to Huge, don’t worry in this article you will learn all these things mentioned below.

What is Web Push Notification?

A browser auto alert box which will ask your upcoming visitor to allow the notification of your blog, so when the user allow it so they can see your instant post notification directly on their devices without any real engagement. You can see the best demo in Facebook if you allow it like whenever you got a notification on Facebook so it will show you on your home screen whether you are not even online. Web push Notification is becoming trendiest more and more cause of its instant notification on every device.

How Much Traffic You Can Get After Enable Web Push Notification.

It surely depends on your notification publishing time the more interesting notification you send the more you can get traffic. However, it’s a best and trendiest way to drive Massive and huge traffic to your blog. There are lots of online sites and plugins available for web push notification but the best and FREE (For 2500 Subscribers) is Push Engage which has better features and premium plan as mentioned below.
  1. Forever FREE till +2500 Subscribers.
  2. Multi-Browser Support for Chrome and Mozilla.
  3. HTTP and HTTPS supported.
  4. Scheduled Your Notifications.
  5. Automatic Notifications with RSS Feed.
  6. WordPress Plugin with JavaScript API.

How to Add Push Engage in Blogger/WordPress?

If you are a WordPress user, so you can download Push Engage Official Plugin and it is fully automated so you only have to do is to create an account in Push Engage.

For Blogger User.

Open the Push Engage official site, fill up the right side input fields with your Website URL, Email and with Sub-domain then click on Start Your Free Trial Now.

Complete the installation setting with your appropriate information and click on update site settings.
Then, copy the JavaScript code as mention below images.

Now open your blogger account>> Template>> Edit HTML>> Click anywhere in HTML Editor for Focus in and PRESS CTRL+F for search box. 

Search </head> and paste the JavaScript code just above the </head> that you copied from Push Engage. Click on Save Template that’s it.

Now, visit your blog URL and check the push engage alert box.

Design Customization.

Now, you would see your notification alert box in default style of the browser so if you want to make it stylish so follow the steps mentioned below.

Click on Settings>> Subscription Dialog box settings from the left menu tab>> Then select your Dialog Type which are Safari style, Bell, Bottom Placed Bar and single step opt in. So choose your dialog type and click on update opt-in setting that’s it.

Finally, visit your blog and check that your web push notifications are working fine or not. You can also do more settings in Push Engage like opt-in timing and Auto Feed from which you don’t need to write a notification every time it will send your very updated post to your subscriber.


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