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How to Add Professional Info Box on Facebook Page Welcome Tab

Info box Facebook page
Last time I had shared with you that how you can get DoFollow backlinks from facebook but as in previous post I told that you can design your DoFollow link or welcome tab easily through HTML and CSS, now you don’t need to dirty your hands in coding and design because I have made the simple and pro looking info box for your welcome tab this infobox has some qualities as mentioned below.
  • It is Fast, simple and pro looking.
  • It has Social media link interaction.
  • Easy Customization through CSS and ready with DoFollow link.

How to Add Info Box in Welcome Tab

Follow the below steps to add this info box in your Facebook page welcome tab.

Move on your Facebook page in which you added the DoFollow link.

Click on Welcome Tab>> Edit Tab and replace the previous HTML code with the below code.
It will show you some errors of relative URLS so fill the Blue highlighted text with your blog info and press Save & Publish that's it.
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>
<link href=",900" rel="stylesheet">
.author-box {
background: #03A9F4;
color: #FFFFFF;
margin: 20px 0 30px 0;
padding: 10px;
overflow: auto;
-webkit-border-radius: 4px;
border-radius: 4px;
border-right: #929292 solid 3px;
-moz-box-shadow: inset 20px 0px 20px 0px #111;
} .author-box p { margin: 0;
padding: 0;
} .author-box img { background: #FFFFFF;
float: left;
margin: 0 10px 0 0;
padding: 4px;
border: 1px solid #E6E6E6;
-webkit-transition: background-color 2s;
transition: background-color 2s;
} .author-box img:hover { background-color:rgba(58, 58, 58, 0.18);
} .description { font-size: 17px;
font-family:'Roboto', sans-serif;
} h1.heading1 { margin: auto;
font-family:'Roboto', sans-serif;
/* margin-left: -21%;
*/ } { border: 1px solid #fff;
padding: 15px;
color: #03a9f4;
background: #fff;
text-decoration: none;
} .follow-box { display: block;
margin-top: 39px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
} h1.heading1 { margin: auto;
padding: 15px;
font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;
display: block;
background: #fff;
color: #2196F3;
} a.dofollow-link { color: rgb(33, 150, 243);
text-decoration: none;
} </style>
<div class='author-box'>
<p><img alt="YOUR-ALT-TAG" src="YOUR-PAGE-PROFILE-IMAGE-URL-HERE" width="200px" height="230px"/><h1 class="heading1"><b>Welcome To <a class="dofollow-link" href="">PRO TECHNIFY</a></b></h1><br><div class="description">
<p>YOUR-BLOG-DESCRIPTION-HERE...<a class='dofollow-link' href=''>More</a></p>
</div><div class='follow-box'><a class='social' href='GOOGLE-PLUS-URL-HERE' target='blank' ><i class="fa fa-google-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a class='social' href='TWITTER-URL-HERE' target='blank'><i class="fa fa-twitter" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a class='social' href='PINTEREST-URL-HERE' target='blank'><i class="fa fa-pinterest-p" aria-hidden="true"></i></a><br/>
I hope you like this professional info box for the facebook page welcome tab. Keep in touch with us for more widgets and amazing tricks like this.


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