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How to Move Android Apps to SD Card in Easy Steps

Move apps 2 SD card
If you are intense that how to transfer mobile or android apps to SD Card easily and quickly for more storage, so you are reading the right and easy article in which you will also learn here that how to transfer apps and files without having the option move to SD card on your smartphone.

In this Android Era everyone has the latest models of smartphone and according to research, 75% Geek people's likes the new updates of Smartphone model and Android version and why not? Because it comes with amazing features which have changed our lifestyle totally and especially the social apps and messengers like Facebook, Google+plus, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are lots of Apps present in Google Play store which is very useful for your work and moods, but these all apps and files has some weights of MB and GBs that is your problem now when it eat up your all built-in phone storage for this you have only one option and that is transferred apps to the SD Card, but still you got a problem if your phone doesn’t have the built-in option of “Move to SD Card” because mostly it is not present or available in some smartphone. In this article, I will explain you both methods that how to transfer Android Apps to SD card through phone settings and how to transfer Android apps through App Manager 3 pro (App Mgr III).

How to Move Apps to SD Card Through Settings

Don’t skip this step it can happen that Move to SD card option are available in your setting option. For checking, Move on Setting >>Applications >> Manage Applications>> Tap on any Application and see if there is an option available “Move to SD Card “ so tap on it and your problem solved.

How to Move Apps to SD Card Through App Mgr III

It is a quite alternative but excellent way for those users who don’t has ‘Move to SD card’ option, let me introduce what is app Mgr III Pro? It is an application manager which is so reliable and fast for Android users who wants to move their files from phone to SD or SD to phone. So first download this app via Google Play store and then follow this below steps.

Open the App Mgr III>> select the applications which are stored in your phone as shown in below image.
App Mgr III Pro

Tap on Move App and Click on Move to SD Card as shown in below image.

App Mgr III Apps 2 SD

Congrats! your problem solved, if this article was helpful for you, so don’t forget to share and subscribe for more helpful and trendy articles.


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