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How to Fix Authentication Required Error in PlayStore (Easy Steps)

Authentication required error play store
Nowadays everyone has new and trendy Android smartphone which is our useful need and especially its Soul Google Play store which is a FREE Online Download Market for everyone who are using a smartphone, so from rough usage of PlayStore sometimes he gives the different errors like Authentication is required which is now your problem if you are reading this article. Just calm and read this article with meditation at the end of the article I am pretty sure that you will have solved this issue and get back your normal PlayStore.

Let’s start the tutorial, here in this article you have three different ways to solve Authentication is required Error.

1. Remove Your Gmail Sync Account

It is the workable method to remove the authentication error because you are getting an error from the sign in Gmail Account so you can remove it temporarily, just you have to remove your Gmail sync account from your smartphone  for this you have to follow the below steps.

Move on Setting>> Application and Sync>> Gmail Sync>> Remove Account that’s it.

Then, check your PlayStore that it is working fine or not if it is working fine so you can re-sign in and if not so jump onto the second step.

2. Clear Cache Data of Play Store

Sometimes Authentication has required Error occurs when PlayStore got lots of cache and bugs in this case it gives that type of Error, so simply remove or clear the cache of PlayStore check the below steps to clear the cache of PlayStore.

Settings>> Applications>> Find Google PlayStore and Tap it>> Tap on Clear Data.

 After clear data, your PlayStore is totally free from bugs, memory, and cache and it treats like new, so open it and if still the problem persists so jump on the third and 100% workable last step.

3. Uninstall Google Play Store

After read the above heading I know that you will have known the half story of this last step, uninstall your Google Play store because it is the only and last way to solve this authentication required error without taking tense and nervousness uninstall the play store and then don’t seem that you have lost your Google Playstore it will be still present in your menu apps just open it and download the new and updated version of Google play store, Congrats! now your problem has successfully solved.

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