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How to Track and Block IP Address Through StatCounter

Block IP Address
In the previous article you learned about How to Install StatCounter in blogger or Web and now you will learn that how you can easily block IP address of any user who visits your blog, from Statcounter, it is very easy to track upcoming user activity as well his/her IP address which is your main topic today. So I divide this article into parts in the first part you will learn that how to track the IP address from StatCounter and in the second part you will learn that how to block that IP or IPs as you want.

How to Track IP Address From StatCounter

Before starting to make it sure that you have successfully installed the Statcounter on your blog platform as mentioned in the previous article.

1. Login into your Statcounter account.

2. Click on Project and then click the mini-wrench icon as shown in below image.

Statcounter setting

3. Now click on popular pages which are on the left side.

4. There you will see your popular web pages which are most clicked by users, so don’t click on a link simply click on the search icon as shown in below image because if you will click on the link so the link will be open in a new tab.

Statcounter popularpages

5. After clicking on the search icon you will see the main page in which you have to track an IP address, this page will provide you every little information of the user server as if you want to copy the IP address of any user so copy it the numbers inside the red box as shown in below image.

Statcounter IP tracking

How to Block Anonymous IP Address

After tracking user IP address, it's time to learn How to Block it in easy steps as mentioned below.

1. First open

2. There you will two types of Boxes one is large and another is small, so in the large box, you have to paste the user IP address by whom you want to block him/her to visit your blog.

3. In small one line box, you have to write the redirected URL address means when the IP user wants to visit your blog so it will be redirected to a given URL address which you have given in small one line box the default redirected URL is Google as shown in below image.

Block IP Address

4. Click on Generate the HTML code and copy the given javascript code.

5. Then, paste that code just before </head> tag and if you are a blogger user so before paste it hide the javascript code if you won’t hide it so you will get an XML parsing error. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to hide it so read my article in which I defined how to being get rid of from XML parsing errors.


Now you have successfully blocked the user IP address to visit your blog, you can check it yourself that code working perfectly or not for this you have to put your own IP address in javascript code to block yourself for just confirming  its redirection and code perfection.


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