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How to Install StatCounter in Blogger OR Website

StatCounter for blogger
Installing StatCounter and Google Analytics in blogger or on the website has its own importance for site owners to see his web stats with more and valuable features which you will observe more than other counters who are mostly fake and untrusted. You can also check some other good and trendy counters like 99 and flag counter, which are so trendy in entertainment niche blogs, but StatCounter, are totally different from all these counters cause of its awesome and privacy features i.e. Block IPs which I will discuss later in the next article.

Unique And Usual Features Of StatCounter

After reading the first paragraph, I am pretty sure that you are thinking that what special and unique features in this counter, so I mentioned below some interesting features of StatCounter which you can’t find all features in one place.
  • First of all, it is very easy to use and implement.
  • It is very fast because the official website of StatCounter has a less plugin and CDN supported so you don’t need to wait for freaky loading just click to get results.
  • From Block IP option you can stop or block any type of IP like if you want to block some specific person who is stealing your content, so from StatCounter you can easily block him/her and permanently stop them from visiting your blog.
  • It’s support staff are very fast for any little or big query.

How to Install StatCounter in Blogger OR Website

It’s so simple just follow the given steps.

1. Open StatCounter official website.

2. Click on Sign Up and write it your Username, Email address, Full name, password, tick the mark and click on Sign Up.

3. Then, you will see another page of StatCounter in which you have to write your Project URL, i.e. your blog address, Project title i.e. your blog name, select your country and Time zone. You can also use invisible tracking by ticking on invisible tracking which is on the right side as shown in below image.

4. After clicking on Add project, you have to select your blog platform there you will find many platforms so if your platform isn’t in the list click on Many Others and then select your actual blog or web platform.

5. Then after selecting the blogger or another platform, you will see the tracking code of StatCounter which you will have to integrate into your template before the </head> tag.

6. If you are a blogger user, so follow the below guidance.

7. Open your blogger account and move on Template.

8. Download your template backup file for safety by click on backup restores which is on the top right side.

9. Click on Edit HTML>> Press CTRL+F>> search </body> tag and paste the integration code just before </body> tag.

10. Click on Save Template and your Job done.

11. For verifying that integration code is working perfectly or not, goes back to the web of StatCounter and click on "Check Installation" as shown in below image.

12. If you have installed the code correctly in your template so you will see the green box (Code Detected) as shown in below image.

This successful implementation of StatCounter lets you know about your blog deeply especially for traffic factor which is now very important to analyze and fixation because the competition becoming tough and fast for beginners as well as for professionals also. If you feel happy to read this article so don’t forget to share it with your other valuable friends.


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