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How to Fix XML Parsing Errors in Blogger Template

Fix XML parsing errors in blogger template
Mostly newbies face the XML parsing errors in blogger template cause of misunderstanding concepts of HTML, javascript, and XHTML language which we also called XML, for the beginners who wants to edit or work on blogger template easily without facing any type of error so read this article with meditation because in this article I will guide you the right concepts and solutions of parsing errors. Before starting let’s get some fresh knowledge about XML (XHTML) language.

What is XML and XHTML Language?

This is the most viral question among online forums that what’ the difference in between these two languages? The answer of this question is very easy: This both languages has similar differences like XHTML is a reformulation of HTML in the face of XML syntax i.e. HTML-->XHTML or XML. Mostly XML is used for computer and bios programming and XHTML is another part of it which is use for web pages. That’s why blogger supports XML language instead of HTML.

How to Prevent From XML Parsing Errors

For better understanding you should know about HTML and the little bit of javascript because this is the two languages which cover your template almost 80%.
  • Always open (<) and close (>) the XML and Meta tags prominently.
  • Keep set the XML tags in a right sequence because XHTML or XML is very strict in this matter.
  • Now you have to use an apostrophe (‘abc’) in XML tags instead of Quotation mark (“ABC”).

How to Fix XML Parsing Errors in Blogger Template

The most common error while saving blogger template is given below.

"Error parsing XML, line 1005, column 91: The reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter"
This error becomes due to abnormal behavior of XML for javascript special characters because javascript has been working with a text in XML language, for this, you have three easy ways to solve this problem.

1. Convert Special Characters into XML

The first solution of this error is to change javascript special characters into XML. See the below-given conversion of special characters into XML.
Special Replace With
> &gt;
< &lt;
& &amp;

2. Use XML Parser Tool

Yes, you can convert your javascript special characters into XML easily by using XML parser tools which you can get by searching on Google.

3. Escape Javascript Through //<![CDATA[  //]]>

The third option is reliable and developer recommended in this option you have to add your javascript inside //<![CDATA[ //]]> for escape javascript as mentioned below.

<script type="text/javascript">
    Add Your JavaScript Code Here
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From above three solutions and prevention you can surely edit and designed a blogger template without facing any type of error, if you getting any different error in blogger template so type your error with snip image in below comment box I will solve your template error as soon as possible.


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