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How to Redirect Non-WWW to WWW in Blogger

Redirect non-WWW to WWW in blogger
How to redirect non-WWW to WWW in blogger? Is a basic problem for beginners when they switched their Blogspot free domain into custom. Sometimes this error becomes a headache for beginners when they don’t know about basic settings of redirection in blogger through DNS management because if you can’t redirect your blog to WWW by a simple ticking method so it meant that you have to do some little work on DNS management.

Redirection of WWW is very important and necessary to being alive in search engine because robots doesn’t like naked domain, i.e., and on the other side your blog will not be able to get a medium or high traffic cause of the high percentage of bounce rate because whenever a visitor try to open your site with WWW so it will not be open due to undone redirection setting in blogger and a 404 error page would be appear and user will skip your blog easily by closing the open tab.

So don’t worry in this article I will explain you in an easy and alternative ways that how you can redirect your blog to WWW through simple and DNS method.

Method No.1 (Simple Blogger Redirection)

First of all buy a new domain if you don’t have, and then add your blogger records into your domain cPanel.

After 24 hours when your blog successfully updated with your DNS records, so open your blogger account.

Go to on Setting, there you would see publishing section in which you have to click on Edit and then tick it on Redirect to as shown in below image.

redirection of non-www to www in blogger

Click on save and check that your custom domain working perfectly with WWW and if not so jump onto second alternative method.

Note: If you want to naked your domain, so repeat the above steps and unchecked the redirection criteria.

Method No.2 (URL Redirection in DNS Management)

Sometimes it happens that DNS record doesn’t catch full records in blogger because DNS management is fully programmed with database programming language which works like a robot, so in this case you have to add URL Redirection records in DNS management.

So first open your domain site from which you have bought the domain.

Then, go to on DNS Management and find the host field, there you have to add @ in host field and then select URL redirection from drop down menu which you can find in the same line or in the end of the row. So fill the boxes as shown in below image.
URL redirection in DNS management
After that, wait one to two hours for DNS completion and then check it the mark.

Note: Sometimes DNS completion takes 24 hours, so be patient for URL redirection.

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Now I can surely say that you have redirected your custom domain into WWW after reading this article. If you haven’t found any type of host field in your hosting site, so don’t take a risk directly contact from your domain hosting staff and tell them to add URL redirection in the host field. Share this helpful article with your other friends, which are new in blogging and want to redirect non-WWW into WWW.