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How to Increase uTorrent Speed upto 100%

Increase uTorrent speed
Do you know? An easy way that how to increase uTorrent speed, if not so I will tell you the most easiest and workable trick for increase uTorrent speed up to 100%. Download things from an internet has become a big need today because almost everyone who using an internet has to download so many things from internet like Games, project software’s, Movies and much more and when a file size is big so we all have to go for uTorrent because it only has the reliable function of pause and resume download which is working by our commands.

Let’s start increasing uTorrent speed, for this you should have some tools i.e. software.

So first download Cheat Engine because it is a software which helps you to increase uTorrent speed within minutes.

Note: Cheat Engine is a free software, it doesn’t has registration criteria so stay calm and download freely.

After install Cheat Engine, open uTorrent and if you don’t have so download its latest version from File Hippo web.

Then, restart your personal computer and first open uTorrent and then open Cheat Engine software.

In Cheat Engine software, click on computer icon which is present just downward from File.
Cheat Engine
A new process list will be open in which you have to select uTorrent file as shown in below image.
Cheat Engine process list
After select uTorrent file, click on open.

Now check it on Enable Speed Hack which is present on the right side and set the value to 0.1 as shown in below image.
Cheat Engine enable speed hack
Then, wait max 2 minutes and close the Cheat Engine software>> Download and open any torrent file through uTorrent>> tap right click on torrent file and then click on Force start.

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Now you will see and observe fast downloading in uTorrent, it is a most easy trick to increase uTorrent downloading speed instead of others mash up and confusing settings, which is done in uTorrent setting panel in which you have to replace networking protocols and it is very difficult for beginners.


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