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How to Embed SoundCloud in Blogger Blog

Embed souncloud in blogger
As we all know that some popular sites has new embed plugin i.e. sound cloud for different platforms like blogger and Word Press, from which you can add new social site frame plugin into your personal blogs. So today I will guide you that how you can embed sound cloud audio player in blogger blogs. Sound cloud is a famous and most trendy online music site which has above daily trillion visits and thousands of new professional and local songs, the main qualities of this site from which it is standing among top social sites that it is very easy to use, user and load friendly which everybody wants when he or she listening his favorite song.

Now let’s discuss on the main topic that what you will get? If you implement this famous audio player to your blog, well the answer of this question is very beneficial for you if you are using a personal blog or want to open a music resource site in future.

Answer: It will create a user friendly experience among your visitors when he will see a sound cloud audio player in the middle of your post.

How to upload and Embed SoundCloud Tracks in Blogger

First, you need a personal account so click on Sign up and fill the given form with your exact details or you can directly sign up with your Facebook or Google account, then you have two options.
  1. If you want to add any other song or album in your blog, so after sign up explore and find your desire song and get its embed code.
  2. If you want to add your own downloaded song or album so click on upload which is present in the top menu.
Then, fill the basic info in which you have to write your song or album title, tags which work is same like Twitter and Facebook hash tags and write a good description of your song or album.

You will be seeing their two different options as mentioned below.
  • Meta Data: In this option you can create your own desired license.
  • Permission: In this option you can set your permission criteria.
After uploading, click on save, then click on Go to Track.

A new page is open where your track will present, so click on the share icon as shown in below image.
Click on Embed and copy the given code and save it in notepad.

Now go to>> move on post>> Click on Edit HTML and paste the code that you saved in notepad.

Note: You can add this embed code everywhere in your blogger blog like you can embed Sound Cloud audio player in custom pages, in template area or in a widget.

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So this was the tutorial that how you can embed Sound Cloud audio player in blogger blog, it’s easy if you want to add this audio player in other platforms like in Word Press or in tumblr just you have to paste the embed code where you want to add. You can create your own audio player for this you have to buy a hosting plan if you are using blogger and if you already have so you can host your audio file in your hosting panel.


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