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How to Add Flag and Web Counter Widget in Blogger

Fag web counter for web
Mostly Flag counter widgets are a first choice for entertainment blogger blogs, because it has become a trend and spread on the entertainment and eBooks niche blogs and I am sure that you have also seen different flag counters on many blogs. Do you know? Why mostly blogs add flag counter widget on their blog if you don’t know I tell you, it attracts upcoming visitors to see his blog daily stats which increase his blog popularity in the eyes of visitors and then visitor become a daily reader of his web.

Blogger also provide built in ready to install stat widget, but it doesn’t have more features than online visit counters like users cannot see online stats and visits but they can only see your blog all time page views on a default blogger stat widget which is quite impressive for upcoming users.

How to Add Flag Counter widget in Blogger

It is very easy to add just an open Flag Counter site, there you will see customization area.
  • So first click on Top Countries.
  • Then, choose maximum flags to show from the drop down selector.
  • Choose background, text and border color or you can add it yourself from color generator tool.
  • Select column quantity and don’t select the higher number if you are using a responsive blog template because it is not responsive so select smartly that it is easily fitted in your template without any overflow.
  • You can also change the heading or label of this flag counter widget by selecting Custom in “Label on Top of Counter”.
  • Afterwards, check it on flag labels and page view count if you want to show it.
  • Click on Get your flag counter, now a pop box will open in which you have to click on skip if you don’t want to give an email address.
Flag counter widget

How to Add Live Web Counter in Blogger

If you want to show animated live web counter instead of flag counter so visit 99counters and click on sign up.

After sign up, select counter theme, counter name, Start at and time zone.
Then, copy the given code and paste it in HTML/JavaScript and repeat the same procedure as you done in the above steps for adding flag counter.

Last Words

This was a detailed post for newbie that how to add a flag and live web counter in blogger blog, it both are safe and will work well on your blog. From this counter you can increase your daily readers by show off your daily blog stats.


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