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How to Add Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger

Increase Twitter followers rapidly is a big dream of every person, especially when he is doing the blogging, you can’t ignore twitter traffic because it can drive some valuable traffic for your blog like this many entrepreneurs and webmaster do at least one tweet in every three or two days for getting some handful followers and  also unique visitors. Now twitter have become the biggest trend to increase web subscribers from conveying direct messages to every new followers, there are lots of alternatives from which you can increase your traffic like from Facebook, Google+, Reddit but twitter is one which increase your followers and also a daily visitors now which has become the golden chance for successful blogging.

Like other popular social media site’s twitter has also built in widget generator which will make a widget for you. There are several twitter widget plugins whose work are different, but one common thing in all plugins is a Follow button which is a good feature and it will never transfer your visitor to another page when they click any link on your twitter feed box it would open in a small pop up box, it totally works like Facebook plugins and Google plus badges. So install this valuable plugin in your blog also by seeing the guidance below.

First, go to twitter official widget page.

Here you will see ‘Timeline Source’, so in configuration box type your user name.

Then choose your option, you will see two options there first is Exclude replies means if you want to show your followers, replies from any of your tweet so tick on it otherwise leave it and second option is Auto Expand Images which means responsive images around your feed box, so tick it if you want to show images fitted around feed box.

Afterwards, select your feed box height, theme and link color.

Ultimately check your feed box preview if everything fine, so click on ‘Create Widget’.

Copy the given code and moves on blogger>> layout>> Add a Gadget>> HTML/javascript and paste it in the HTML/javascript box>> Click on SAVE.

It has four others widgets, categories from which you can increase your twitter followers and subscribers like the Favorites, list, search, collection.

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This was a useful and detail guide for adding twitter feed box in blogger, you can also add follow buttons inside the post area to increase conversation and followers but, if you got any type of bug or error in saving and adjustment so let me know to resolve your issue and if you want to ask off-topic so contact us freely.


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