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Add 5 Star Post Rating System in Blogger

Post rating system for blogger, star rating for web
Rating stars on blog post creates good and lovely relation with your readers for your blog because it is so awesome and professional, if you want to see some great examples of rating stars so open your Chrome or play Store there you would find rating stars below on every Application like that you can also add rating stars inside your blog or web. It has so benefited and nothing a single dis-advantage because it is made from jQuery which will never slow down your blog page speed.

Benefits of Using Rating Stars in Blogger Blog

  1. It will increase your blog readership.
  2. It makes your every post user friendly.
  3. It creates easiness for you that what post niche getting higher rating.
  4. It is automated means you don’t need to add this rating star every time on every post.
  5. It is compatible with all blogs like WordPress and Tumblr.
  6. It is very good and attractive for portfolios and image galleries.

How to Add Post Rating System in Blogger Blog

Rating widget platforms
For this you will have to sign up on the rating-widget site, as I mentioned above that it is compatible with all blogs and programming version means if you know some web programming languages, i.e. Java script so you can add this shiny star widget on every place like in below and above post, separate page section, sidebar or in any place you want by choosing Java script platform in Rating-star widget site.
Sign up rating widget blogger
After sign up, select the blogger platform.

Then choose your favorite styles, it has some new styles like thumbs Up and down, vote counter with thumbs and trendy 5 star rating. After selecting the style click on Add to Blogger and select a blog in which you have to add this widget then click on Add widget.
Rating widget blogger instruction
Note: You can also select the source code as shown in below image, in which you have to copy the source code and then you can paste it anywhere.
Rating widget source code

I am pretty sure that you will get your desire rating stars widget after reading this article. It will easily adjust on every post whether it is in grid view or in a list, but if you get any error about troubleshooting or in Mobile view so click on below given plus sign it will instruct you that how you can solve this minor issue.


  1. Post Rating System is one of the best way to know the choice of your website visitors that what type of posts they mostly likes and enjoy to read. We usually seen this system on images blog, where they have used different widget to add post rating system in their blogs and easily know their loyal readers choice.