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Reddit How to Drive Blog Traffic and Pageviews

Competition and page views tasks become difficult at that time, so you have to work hard for getting many page views with unique impression. For ease this task I teach you that how can we get thousands of page views from new social site Reddit. It helps you a lot when you start your blogging career because in starting you can’t get much visitors from Google search results it takes time to ripe your post in the first page. So keep motivated yourself and get help from social sites like Facebook, Google plus communities, Twitter and Reddit.

Before starting I tell you that Reddit has some strict policies, if you start Reddit without read his terms and rules you may be banned from Reddit. So follow and read this article with meditation.

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Create an Account On Imgur

You have to make an account on, in which you have to upload an eye touching pictures and then click on upload. We used Imugr because from Imugr we check the image url in Karma decay that it is new or anyone use before. Stay hold on Imgur and open a new tab and see the second step.

Verify Image On Karma Decay

Karma decay is an online image verify website which tells you that this image is uploaded before or not at Reddit, it's very helpful for using Reddit. As I tell you in first step that we use Imgur for karma decay, it means without Imgur karma decay not work. So copy image url that you uploaded on Imugr and paste into Karma decay for check that this image is fresh or not. Now open another tab and go to Reddit official website do sign up, after sign up back to the previous tab of Karma decay and click on “Submit to Reddit” as in below image. Then read the third step.
Karma decay

Image Process On Reddit

  • After click on “Submit to Reddit” here you see the title, give suitable title and Subreddit means category.
Reddit link

  • Then, a new tab open here you have to give a comment yourself.
  • Your job is done now wait for Karma links.

How to Drive Traffic From Reddit for Blogger Blog

As I tell you it has some terms and policies, so if you want to share your blog link on Reddit, its must that you got above 150 karma links otherwise your account will banned. And remember, don’t post above one link in a day, if you post twice in a day Reddit mark you as spam.


So I revealed the secret that how can we upgrade and manage our page views from Reddit. It’s a little difficult to get votes for images, but try to post some unique and eye touching images from which you get lots even thousands of unique visitors and pageviews without and headache, so grab the visitors and turn your blog into a profitable business.


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