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How to Change Favicon on Blogger Blog

Change blogger favicon
You know very well the word icon means this word has different synonyms the one of them is favicon which is currently used in blogger blog. How to change favicon is the basic part for a newbie, nobody would like that blogger favicon is on her blog. So in this tutorial I will teach you that how can you change top favicon in blogger blog.

What is Favicon?

As I tell you above that favicon mean logo. It is present on the top of the tab which represents your company style and look in one small image. It is so small in the size of 16X16 pixels.

How to Change or Add Favicon in Blogger Blog

I will explain you this tutorial in two steps.
1. Layout Method
2. Template Method

1. Layout Method

  • Open your blogger account.
  • Go to layout which is present in the right drop down menu.
  • Here you see favicon as in below image, so click on Edit.
change blogspot favicon

  • Now upload your icon image and don’t forget that image file should be in 100 KB otherwise it gives error.
If you want to add an icon image in the template, so follow the below instruction.

2. Template Method

  • Go to template tab and click on edit html.
  • Copy the below code and paste it below <head>.
<link href='YOUR-IMAGE-LINK' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
 Guidance: Replace “YOUR-IMAGE-LINK” with your icon image URL.

You can adopt some cool and interesting icons from icon archive, just your work is to copy the image URL and paste it on script and if you want to do some touch up so move on it is a big favicon online maker site. Make unique favicons because it defines your web name in a small image. Happy Designing!


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