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How to Create Static Blank Page on Blogger Blog

Create blank static page in blogger blog
Recently blogger removed the new page navigation from which we could create blank pages and set it with our design, but unfortunately, it’s no more. There’s a big problem stands for the newbies that how we create blank pages as in custom style, but later it's possible with CSS styling tags. It’s an alternative method to design a custom page, just you should know internal information of your template, first study your template CSS styles if you are using a custom template. So it is imperative to understand the template structure. After applying on the previous sentence, it's time to add little codes in blogger page.

Open your blogger dashboard.

Go to Page>> and create a new page if you already have so click on Edit.

There you would see two modes "compose mode" and "HTML mode" for your clearance I am going to tell you the work of two modes.

Compose Mode: The all simple working process is done in compose mode like writing text, adding images, videos and much more by clicking method.

HTML Mode: Simply when you do work in compose mode, click on the HTML mode code you will see your text and images around lots of HTML and XML tags. And an interesting fact is “robots doesn't see your simple (compose) elements it sees your coding styles” so always check your HTML mode for any second code error.

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In this topic, your working method is in HTML mode in which you have to add style tag. Every template has different class and ids so you should know your template very well. See the below code for consideration that how we add codes in the style tag.
.blog-pager, #footer, .post-footer, .feed-links, .sidebar, #middle-wrapper, #comments{ display:none !important;}
 Replace the above class and ids with your template styles, the first line shows that this code will not work so add only those codes from which you want to hide on your page.

Important Tip: Don’t remove header and menu because it is an open door for your unique visitors.

Now add the below codes, if you are using a custom theme otherwise leave it.
#main-wrapper {width: 100%; float:none; margin: 0 auto !important;}
Like this, you can give a professional touch to your blog pages, many webmasters use this method for providing easiness to users, it looks amazing on Contact page, About us page or in the Privacy Policy. So try this cool alternate method which is the best way for user eye catch.


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