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Increase Facebook Page Likes by Amazing Trick

Facebook page likes
Social Media Management is gaining high demand in internet market because of its millions users. There is a small world populated in social sites where all users spread his knowledge and products to each other. It’s a good way for advertisers to promote their products out of cost and for publishers, it’s a best way to earn steady income through manage pages and management. Many companies and advertisers hire some users for mange their social web stats and followers. So if you know the tricks of famous social site Facebook you may be earning full. I am going to reveal a white hat trick that how to increase Facebook page likes within a minute, before applying on this trick check your Facebook friend list because this trick totally depend on your Friends, if you have more friends you can grab more likes.

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes Through the Friends

Let's start the tutorial, First of all open the Google Chrome browser, if you don't have chrome latest version download it from below link.
Note: And remember this trick only can done by admin.

  • Move, on your FB page.
  • On right side see three dots button click on it.

Automatic Facebook page likes

  • Click on “invite friends”, there you see an invitation box and don’t invite anyone just hold on and jump to the next step.
  • Press F12 in Chrome browser and paste below codes in browser console, if you don't find main console for pasting java script codes see the below picture.

  •  After copy and paste the above codes, wait 2 min and press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC for closing the browser console.
So it’s a magic trick which helps you to upgrade your Facebook page likes from one click, and if you want to get another magical Facebook Extension tool  from which you can find your friend who unfriended you. Follow us to get more magical tips and tricks.


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