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Camtasia Studio How to Install and Activate for Life Time

Camtasia Studio for blogger, camtasia studio new version
Camtasia studio is a screen recorder and video editing software developed by tech smith. Nowadays it becomes a very useful tool for all web users and especially for you tube users because they have to upload tutorials. When I was seeing some popular video tutorial sites, I think that they have an HD webcam from that they upload video tutorials, but later than I realized that there is a software from which we can easily make high definition videos without any web camera. In this article I will explain you that how can we activate Camtasia studio new version free for a life time by do some setting.

How to Install Camtasia Studio for Life Time

If you want to install the new version, click on the given link.

  • During installation, click on trial period.
  • After installing go to Local Disk C>> windows>> system 32>> drivers>> etc.
  • There you see host file, so open this file with notepad and add the below URL.
  • After adding the codes, click on save.
  • Afterwards, open Camtasia studio and register with this below codes.

Benefits and Features of Camtasia Studio

It’s an amazing software, it has very benefits and features, I explain some of it below.
  1. Video Editor: It's time for goodbye to windows media player because of this software, we can do video editing with special call out effects, like arrows, chat bubbles, tick marks and much more.
  2. Audio Editor: It has special tools for inserting and adding audio script without any timer planning, just we have to drag the audio file in track section. The best thing about this software that it also supports microphone from which we can make our video live voice supported.
  3. Cursor Effects: For given better video tutorials to customers, you can allow pop colorful cursor during screen recorder.
There are many interesting tools in this software from which you can make your video more clearly and knowledge full for others. From making some useful tutorials will helps you to build quality back links and subscribers. And remember always upload your video in high page rank websites like YouTube and Vimeo.


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