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How to Delete a Blog and Restore it

How to delete blogger blog
When you do blogging, you create some empty blogs for practice and then you would like to delete it. Some user tries to delete his useful blog, it happens when someone start blogging he think that he gets handful visitors by publishing some post, but it's not true, we totally succeed on blogger in the duration of six months, so in rage some users deleted his blog by typing words on a search result that how to delete a blog, For being avoid you should post regularly and start blogging with better knowledge. You don’t should be upset if your blog is hunted by Google algorithms because every problem has one solution.

How to Delete a Blog

Blogger permits us to make 100 blogs at a time with one blogger account, likewise when users promote her products so he makes many blogs, some are successful and some are not this cause admin decide to delete some useless blogs. For newcomers who don't know how to delete their blogs, so kindly see the below instruction.
  • Login into your blog account.
  • Go to setting>> Others.
  • There you will see three options on blog tools section.
Delete blogger blog
  1. Import blog: It means that you can import all your posts and pages in a chosen file which will you provide.
  2. Export blog: If you want to change your blogging platform, e.g. WordPress so click it otherwise leave it.
  3. Delete blog: If you click here, so your blog will be removed from your blog list. If you have decided to delete the blog, so first of all try to backup all posts which is important for you and then delete it.

How to Restore a Deleted blog

In blogger terms and policy blogger says that we can recover our blog in nineteen day period for those users who have in this period simply restore their blog with the help of guidance below.
  • Go and sign in your blogger account.
  • On the left side you can view your deleted blog, click it.
Recover delete blogger blog
  • After open, click on undelete for resurrecting your blog.
Your problem is solved that how to delete a blog or restore it, but every time I will tell you that blogger will give you profit when you will do hard work to create some informative articles not domestic presently informative article has much importance because everyone wants to get useful information. So keep patience unless when your every post gives you much traffic for blogging motivation. Do post daily and if you want to ease your daily post task, so adopt another author on blogger blog.


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