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How to add another author on blogger blog

add another author on blogger blog
You can easily adopt or invite another/multiple author on blogger blog by reading the guidance below.

To operate a website and maintain him is a professional task because he has to write unique contents, he has to promote her post, he has to create quality links it means that it has to do the work with forehands. I visit many popular blogs and they work with unity as a team work, now you think that how can you add some other user or author on a blogging platform. The blogger gives us every tool from that you can do any type of customization. Just like blogger provides us permission section in which we easily add another author.

From this article one question has stand that can we trust on another person that he do a post on our blog? The answer of this question is Yes, because it's our duty on what person you should trust or not.

Also, you allow another user to do a post with an SMS/MMS tool which is done when you add a device in mobile setting section or he can post articles on your blog with Microsoft word.

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  • Watch over the guidance as mention below to add another author on blogger blog.
  • In blogger, click the setting on left sidebar then click on basic.
  • Here you see blog author in permission tab, so click on add author.
  • A pop up box will open, here you will have to write an email of those people that you want to make an author who writes an article on your blog.

add another author on blogger

Remember: If you want to add more author so write first email, then use a comma and then write another e-mail.

Afterwards you will have to wait unless  when he or she accepts your invitation, it means that you send a request to him that he became an author of your blog.

You also have rights to make him/her an admin by click on a given option as in below screen.

Your work is completed and don’t worry about any type of problem because you are the chief founder and admin of your blog. If you do post twice in a day with your newly come author, so you will experience a great alteration in your traffic because every post takes time to ripen on search results.


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