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How to Create Facebook Page and add another admin.

Create Facebook page
Creating a Facebook page is very interesting and useful, it helps to promote new products, companies, local jobs and much more. Even you can also create your official Facebook page easily and promote your web links all over the world. In this post I will explain you in detail every option, category and setting about FB page.

Compose Page Name

Try to compose a page name related to your products or brand name and if you are a web user, so you will have to compose your web name in the page. And avoid to write any numbers or characters with page name.

Choose Category With Deliberation

You will have to choose page category with deliberation because page category defines on what basis your page consists. Read below categories.
Facebook page categories

1. Local Business or Place

If you have a shop, store, real state or any work belonging to business, so you can choose this category otherwise read below categories.

2. Company, Organization or Institution

If you have a big business like you have a co-workers base company, organization or you have an institution like coaching or tuition, so choose it and remember it is fully official category.

3. Brand or Product

If you want to promote brands or products like utensils, toys, car accessories, mechanical or spring parts, Software or application, girls things and other things related to products or brand.

4. Artist, Band or public Figure

This page has great importance and takes unlimited likes cause of professionalism because this category for those peoples which is super stars, artist, musician, politician, comedians and other people who have a big reputation.

5. Entertainment

The word entertainment shows fun and enjoyment, so if you run a music, games or other websites which is linked up with fun and entertainment, so click it.

6. Cause or Community

This category don’t have select menu option, it is mostly used for non-profit-business, tuition base community, medical clinics or as private pages. You can also use this category as a secret community or groups.

How to Make Another Admin or Author on Facebook

When your page getting highly popular, so your work has increased and you need a partner to help and quick posting. Follow the guidance to make another author of your page.
  • Move, on your page.
  • Click on Setting.
  • On the left side you would see Page Roles tab, click it.
Facebook page roles
  • Afterwards write the email address of the admin in a given box.
  • Select the field name and click on save.
I hope by this informative article you will make the Facebook page easily. Nowadays, Facebook provides us many new innovative tools and apps from which you can upgrade your blog promotion as well. Many companies build their much traffic from Social Media just like Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and Google plus. For upgrade Facebook page likes, try to post some articles about to giveaway offer because everyone wants cheap and free things.


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