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New Facebook Customize Extension tool FB Purity.

Facebook customized extension tool.

Facebook is a growing social web which is very famous all over the world, usually everyone knows about Facebook even five to ten years child have the knowledge of login and log out. Today it's become an addict for all of us some use them for chit chat, gossips and for entertaining while some use for promotion, internet marketing and for group joining purpose to increase his product demand.

When someone sends a friend request so we see his info and then we add him to our friend list, but later, sometimes when we count our friend list we see a drop rate it means that someone unfriended you. But you don’t have to take tension anymore because the FB list finder app is here. So let me introduce that what is FB purity?

It is an application which shows that who is unfriended or blocked you on the friend list. Its work and supported on all browser with his valuable plugin, just you will have to follow some instruction below to set up this useful widget on Facebook with your browser extension.

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You can also customize the Facebook style with this app means when you don’t want to see right sidebar advertisements, so simply click on the FB purity app box and disable the advertisement section.

How To install FB purity Extension in Browser?

  • Visit the FBpurity official web.
  • Click on “Download and install FB purity”.
  • Then click on “Install FB purity extension”>> click on add.
After this login into your Facebook account, here you see a FB purity pop up message screen box in which he shows instruction box so click on instruction and enjoy this useful extension. And remember, do not take any type of tense about this tool because it is legal and fully supported by Facebook.


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