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5 New Email Subscribe Boxes for Blogger

New email subscription boxes for blogger
For every blog it is a difficult task to upgrade and maintain her visitors by search engine, but it is more difficult when we don’t have a subscription box because it maintain and kept our visitors by Feed burner system. Feed burner gave valuable service to bloggers, with Feed burner we are able to increase our PR rank, visitors and content strategies, so it's all heads up to RSS Graffiti technology.

So it's important for all web users to set up a subscription box to upgrade their web traffic. We have adopted some new and latest design boxes which attract your visitor to sign up.

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How to Add These Widgets in Blogger?

  • Just move on blogger>> Layout>> Click on add a gadget.
  • Paste the following codes that are given in view code area section.
  • After pasting tried to customize “YOUR-SOCIAL-WEB-LINK” with your social web page link, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus+ or YouTube.
  • Click on save and check the replace social link properly in a widget.

1. Design #1

It is a simple looked design and its color is sea green which is a mind fresh color. The main quality of this design that it opens in a pop up window which remind your visitors to subscribe or sign up. It is fully designed with fresh and clean coded script.

2. Design #2

Nowadays that subscription box is highly famous which have social icons. In this design there are four social icons that are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus+ and the fourth is RSS as we say Feed burner. It has a blue color with red CSS block.

3. Design #3

It is a landscape design which have 5 social icons and made with new cascading style sheet (CSS) coding. Its beautiful color transition effect shows professional look to others.

4. Design #4

This design is very unique because of his multi color borders and square box background. In starting it is a premium design, but now it is free, we can easily customize and edit them with some coding languages.

5. Design #5

It is a black and orange combination box with latest hovering effects and also optimized with clean coded. The best thing about this widget that it is supported by both Wordpress and blogger.

These 5 responsive email subscription boxes will give you lots of help in increasing the readers and make you tension free for making the custom email boxes. If you suffer from any error or confusion, so  free ask in below discussion forum.


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