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How to append DISQUS Comment System in Blogger?

There are lots of internet inventory that we see every day, we use social media as a snack which gives us entertained on the other side some people use and recommend blogging as an extra hobby for building his own empire, a good blogger user always takes interest on how to develop her blog more famous and useful for others in the sense we are introducing the Disqus comment system for blogger users. It's important for us to know about his company intro and services. It is a social media company which gives the unique custom comment boxes and it helps the web users in promoting external link through the comments. With this social comment box everyone is able to take the comments without any email id and make such a long discussion forum without any restriction. It also helps to grow up the community, mostly advertisers and companies use this comment system very largely.
We get much information about Disqus, now it is time to install this comment system on our blog or web. So first we have to register or sign up on it for installing this widget on blogger blog.
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Creating Account On DISQUS.

It’s simple like other social media registration. First, go to the Disqus official web and then click on “Add Disqus on your site” and fill it with your own experience and click on the next step. In the next step you have to write your site name and web address on giving form, then click on finish registration.
disqus form
You will see the Choose Your Platform page, just like as in the below image.
disqus choose platform

After choosing the blogger platform, we have to install Disqus plugin on blogger.

How to install DISQUS plugin on Blogger?

You have seen three types of option there, but we mention only two options in this article because the third one is not so important.

1. Add a DISQUS widget
  • Simply click on adding the widget to your site, for guidance, see the below image.

disqus instruction
  • A Blogger HTML page appears, on that page, click on the blue button and finished this step.
2. Import comment into DISQUS
  • Second, you have to click on Tools > Import for transferring your old comments into Disqus.
disqus import comments
  • Then, click on “import comments from blogger” and it shows a blogger permission page where it asks you that this link is safe or not, so click on “Grant access” and jump to the next step.
  • Then check your previous tab, here you see the page, just like in below image.
Import blogger comments into disqus
  • Click on “Import” and the new page appears where you see the pending notice.
Cheers! For installing DISQUS Comment System on blogger. Build your social media promotion and increase the external linking through comments by the DISQUS comment system, so first start to putting the comments on our web. For any type of question and error, so discuss that in the below comment box.


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