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How to Add an Alexa Widget in Blogger

How to add alexa rank widget in blogger
Sometimes the thought comes in our mind that why most users add Alexa widget in their blogs. So In this post I will explain you that why we use Alexa and what his benefits. So first I will take start from his intro. Alexa was first launched in 1996 by the famous web enterprises Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat, they  gave her  company name  “Library of Alexandria” and later on this company introduce the toolbar which gave numerous suggestions to users about traffic  problems and web crawls.

Why We Choose Alexa?

  1. Alexa shows our website global rank and also give an invite an upcoming visitors for survey which is very helpful for increasing rank it has as well tons of benefits in SEO.
  2. It determines your website rank and show's popularity with your readers and visitors.
  3. With the help of rank toolbar, you can give a tough time to your competitor’s by checking his website rank.
  4. It works as an SEO on your web by internal linking which will create chance to increase the Google page rank.
  5. When your page rank will upgrade, the advertisers attract and choose your website for advertising.

How To Install Alexa Widget On Blogger?

You have many options to check your blog ranking means to say you can check your blog rank from the toolbar which you can grab it from the official Alexa web, but the best choice is that you simply add the Alexa widget to blog which gets a better response than the toolbar. For installing the Alexa widget see the guidance below.
  • Go to the Alexa official web.
  • Click on support tab and search “Display Alexa rank”.
  • Then click on “Can I display Alexa rank on my website”.
  • The page appears just like in below image.
Display alexa rank

  • You have seen two types of script there, first script shows only your site rank and second shows Internal link which define that how many visitors have surveyed your Alexa web account. Choose and copy your code type and replace “” with your web or blog address.
Alexa  widget ranking codes

  • Go To>> Move on Layout>> Click on “Add a Gadget”>> Click on “Add HTML Script”>>.
  • Paste the code that you had copied from the Alexa web.
  • At last click on save, and check out the ready rank widget on your web.


So today you have learned that how to add an Alexa widget in blogger and its time for you to implement this widget and show up your web rank to other’s. After doing this try to build up the blog traffic because traffic makes the blog rank better. For any type of problem with this widget so kindly ask in the below comment box. Have a nice day and take care.


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