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Add Google Custom Search Engine in Blogger

Google custom search engine blogger, Google custom search box
Widgets is an application which we applied in the HTML box. Most users use widgets for his social promotion and some use for his site attraction and beauty. There are many types of widgets just like app widgets, social widgets, html widgets, etc. We are web designers so we use the HTML and CSS, widgets for web purpose. Google introduces many useful gadgets just like Google badge, Google + followers, snippets, and much more and we get lots of advantages from these gadgets. Google custom search engine is one of the useful widget for blogger users.
Every one knows that Google is a very powerful search engine in this world, the makers of Google take many hard effort’s to create a mighty search box. Making a own search box is not  an easy deal for web designer’s, but Google CSE makes it simplified. Setup of Google CSE on website is better to create a own search box and it have tons of advantages.

What's its Advantages?

A Google custom search for your web is a better way to increase the internal SEO, means to say you can add the custom search widget on the main page. When someone searches anything on the custom search box, your Google rank will be a little bit upgrade. You can also change the style of Google custom search with customization. The best thing about this search box is you can increase your earning on Google Adsense. To increase the earning with Google custom search, you have to enable the Ads in the business section. These earning schemes are only for Google Adsense users, otherwise disable that section.
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Setup of Google Custom Search Engine in Blogger

  • First, go to Custom Search Engine (CSE).
  • Go to “Create a search engine”
  • Write your web address in “site to search”
  • Select the language and compose the search engine name.
  • The message appears just like in below image.
Google custom search box
  • Click on get code.
  • Copy the codes and paste into HTML script and save it.
  • You have successfully setup the Google custom Search Engine in Blogger.
  • Finally, preview the search box on your blog.

Last Words

I give you all description about how to set up custom search box in blogger, so trying it yourself for any help ask in the comments below. For better look choose the template color on the custom search box. Take care and wait for our next article.


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