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Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

custom robots header tags
Blogger users are always finding out some new things about seo and his tricks. For specially newbie we are sharing some knowledge about search preferences. In search preferences, there are lots of tricks that we can do, but the main part of this section is Crawlers and Indexing. This section divides into two parts, custom robots text and custom robots header tags these both things do the same job. First, we discussed about custom robots header tags.

What are Custom Robots Header Tags?

These are the special type of tags who define the web crawlers that whose pages are in the index and whose pages are not for the index. Suppose we tick the default option in post area, and the web crawlers always allow the default post means every post in search engine. In this way you will get high traffic from search engine.

Add Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger

It's so easy to add and don't worry about the warning message just follow the steps and tick the boxes as same in the image.
  • First, go to
  • Open a drop down menu on the right hand and go to setting.
  • In setting go to search preferences.
  • In crawlers and indexing section>> Click edit on custom robots header tags>> Click yes, enabled.
  • Mostly you have done, just tick the boxes as shown in the image and finally click on save changes.
Custom robots header tags

Final Words

Congratulate you for completing the first part of crawlers and indexing. For any error or other questions about this topic write down in the comments. In the next post we will come with the same other thing of search preferences custom robots text. Share this knowledge with your other friends and stay with us till the next post.


  1. Really good info about BlogSpot. I went through your blog and I have completed this section as explained. Such a good and informative things you had shared for us.

    One point I want to noted that; not just because of SEO but there are various plugins in CMS platforms, that make it more professional and user-friendly. However, I find blogger more user-friendly for the non-technical person like me because of these QUICK SEO settings. Thanks for sharing.

    We expecting much for the new and advanced information and thoughts from you. This post is an awesome and great source of information for a newbie.

  2. Yes, you are right that there are lots of other platforms who has different types of Plugins but in blogger there is only the one and important section for beginners that we called Search Preferences which is so easy and done in a minute. Keep exploring the blog i have posted some new and advanced information about SEO. Thanks for giving your FeedBack.

  3. bro jasy apki website ka title google p likho to first p ati hy wo btao kasy ati hy mjy b apni first p lani hy

    1. For this you need to create a valuable content because "Content is King" in every aspect of ranking and some decent amount of backlinks.