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10 Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 2014

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Nowadays, in blogger world the custom templates are getting high publicity. Because the default templates are not coming in good thematic style. Every visitor like a pro designed template. So the newbie blogger has been always, finding out new free custom templates. In that case  i am sharing new blogger templates in PRO TECHNIFY. As you know that the custom templates are coming with responsive style for this i am sharing with you 10 new responsive templates in our web that is SEO friendly, widgets friendly, advertise friendly, mobile friendly and browser friendly. In this template you can change the theme colors, editing, designing and much more.

The important note: When you upload the template to your web, do not remove the credit link. Otherwise, your template will redirect to his original site. If you wish to remove the credit link so you have to buy that template. When you will purchase the template you will achieve the permanent license of your template immediately.

10 Best Responsive and SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Of 2014

We have got this template from very popular sites just like Templatify, Lovely templates, Templateism, etc. Here is the collection of "10 SEO friendly free blogger templates".

1. Real Mag

Real Mag blogger template

2. Web Log Mag

Weblogmag blogger template

3. Folio 360

Folio 360 blogger template

4. Maggner

Maggner blogger template

5. Lightness

Lightness blogger template

6. Meton

Meton blogger template

7. Moderen Mag

Moderen Mag blogger template

8. Jpstation

jpstation blogger template

9. Bluster

Bluster blogger template

10. Retinaa

Retinaa blogger template

Final Words

I hope you will like this 10 templates. If you get any problem with the templates so write it down in the comments. I will try my best to solve the problems. In the next post I will come with new premium templates. Chill and wait for the next post.