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How to Get DoFollow Backlinks and Traffic From Reddit

Get traffic from Reddit
There’s no doubt that you can still get high PR Do Follow backlinks from social media sites like Reddit which is our today main targeted social site in which you learn that how you can get
DoFollow backlink from Reddit and increase your page rank in search results for maximizing your organic traffic.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a growing Social Media site around 235+ Million Active Users in which users submit their links and text posts with up and down vote functionality which are an icon of this social site. But there're some rules that you have to follow before submit your blog or post link to get traffic as mentioned below.

Rules of Reddit For Submitting Links

You have to increase your post karma Up to 400-500 and it’s good for you to increase comment karma up to 50-100 which is a little time taken process.

Tips to Increase Your Karma Links.

  • First, sign up on
  • Then, save any cute pets images from Google Image Search.
  • Upload that image on then copy the given image URL from Imgur and paste in for assuring that it hasn’t submitted before on Reddit if an image is already submitted so don’t go for it try another one.
  • When you fully sure that your image isn’t submitted before so share that Imgur image on Reddit and give the catchy title and choose the subreddit of aww for getting quick upvotes. Click on Submit that’s it.
After reaching the above milestone, then follow the below steps to get unlimited decent and high backlinks for your blog.

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First, of all, you have to be active on your niche category subreddits which have millions of subscribers and active users like you can submit any text post, comments on other posts for showing Sub-Reddit that you are an active user instead of spam.

Guideline: You can analyze any subreddits through meta-Reddit.

Then, submit your post link on the subreddit and when you got more than 20 upvotes so you will start to get the decent amount of DoFollow Backlinks from Reddit and it will also increase your referral traffic. If you succeed to get 100+ upvotes and then there’s no doubt that you will get high traffic and a decent amount of traffic from this growing social site.



How to Add Professional Info Box on Facebook Page Welcome Tab

Info box Facebook page
Last time I had shared with you that how you can get DoFollow backlinks from facebook but as in previous post I told that you can design your DoFollow link or welcome tab easily through HTML and CSS, now you don’t need to dirty your hands in coding and design because I have made the simple and pro looking info box for your welcome tab this infobox has some qualities as mentioned below.
  • It is Fast, simple and pro looking.
  • It has Social media link interaction.
  • Easy Customization through CSS and ready with DoFollow link.

How to Add Info Box in Welcome Tab

Follow the below steps to add this info box in your Facebook page welcome tab.

Move on your Facebook page in which you added the DoFollow link.

Click on Welcome Tab>> Edit Tab and replace the previous HTML code with the below code.
It will show you some errors of relative URLS so fill the Blue highlighted text with your blog info and press Save & Publish that's it.
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>
<link href=",900" rel="stylesheet">
.author-box {
background: #03A9F4;
color: #FFFFFF;
margin: 20px 0 30px 0;
padding: 10px;
overflow: auto;
-webkit-border-radius: 4px;
border-radius: 4px;
border-right: #929292 solid 3px;
-moz-box-shadow: inset 20px 0px 20px 0px #111;
} .author-box p { margin: 0;
padding: 0;
} .author-box img { background: #FFFFFF;
float: left;
margin: 0 10px 0 0;
padding: 4px;
border: 1px solid #E6E6E6;
-webkit-transition: background-color 2s;
transition: background-color 2s;
} .author-box img:hover { background-color:rgba(58, 58, 58, 0.18);
} .description { font-size: 17px;
font-family:'Roboto', sans-serif;
} h1.heading1 { margin: auto;
font-family:'Roboto', sans-serif;
/* margin-left: -21%;
*/ } { border: 1px solid #fff;
padding: 15px;
color: #03a9f4;
background: #fff;
text-decoration: none;
} .follow-box { display: block;
margin-top: 39px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
} h1.heading1 { margin: auto;
padding: 15px;
font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;
display: block;
background: #fff;
color: #2196F3;
} a.dofollow-link { color: rgb(33, 150, 243);
text-decoration: none;
} </style>
<div class='author-box'>
<p><img alt="YOUR-ALT-TAG" src="YOUR-PAGE-PROFILE-IMAGE-URL-HERE" width="200px" height="230px"/><h1 class="heading1"><b>Welcome To <a class="dofollow-link" href="">PRO TECHNIFY</a></b></h1><br><div class="description">
<p>YOUR-BLOG-DESCRIPTION-HERE...<a class='dofollow-link' href=''>More</a></p>
</div><div class='follow-box'><a class='social' href='GOOGLE-PLUS-URL-HERE' target='blank' ><i class="fa fa-google-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a class='social' href='TWITTER-URL-HERE' target='blank'><i class="fa fa-twitter" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a class='social' href='PINTEREST-URL-HERE' target='blank'><i class="fa fa-pinterest-p" aria-hidden="true"></i></a><br/>
I hope you like this professional info box for the facebook page welcome tab. Keep in touch with us for more widgets and amazing tricks like this.



How to Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook

DoFollow link from facebook
Want to build do follow backlinks for your blog? Build it from Facebook which is giving you free PR9 Do Follow backlink without any guest post or reviews. In this article, you will learn how to get do follow backlink from Facebook in very easy and little steps.

Building Backlinks is a hard and effective step for every beginner who wants to rank high in search results and it is only possible from generating proper backlinks and yes Quality content without it, you can’t boost up your organic traffic. So there are lots of link building strategy from which you can increase your DA (Domain Authority) and it’s better to collect some readymade high authority link from social media.

Step By Step Guide to Getting Do Follow Link From Facebook.

Follow the below steps one by one with meditation.
  • By default, Facebook doesn’t give do follow to any link, you can check it from inspect element. So we will give the do follow link our self by using Static HTML App by Thunderpenny. So move on Static HTML Page and click on Use App as shown in below image.
  • Then, you will see a page in which you have to click on “Add Static HTML to a Page”.
  • Now, a page tab will open in which you have to select your Facebook page as shown below in the image.

  • Click on Setup Tab and it will redirect you to Static HTML App so click on the index.html section and remove all the given text and add the below HTML code by replacing your blog with your blog URL and name. After adding the code click on Save & Publish and Congrats! for getting PR9 Do Follow link from Facebook.
<h1><a href=''>Your-Blog-Name</a></h1>

For assurance move on your page which you had selected and click on Welcome Tab (present on the left side) and see your H1 blog Name with a Do Follow URL.

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At the end, you can edit it anytime with any design you want and this backlink would be track almost after 30 days on different backlink and SEO Tools. Keep in touch with us in the next post we will come with professional iframe welcome tab for your Facebook page.



Add Web Push Notifications in Blogger/WordPress For Massive Traffic

Web push notification
Here in this article, you will learn that how you can add web push notifications in Blogger or WordPress in easy steps. Now I am pretty sure that you are thinking that what does push notification mean and how it can increase your blog traffic Normal to Huge, don’t worry in this article you will learn all these things mentioned below.

What is Web Push Notification?

A browser auto alert box which will ask your upcoming visitor to allow the notification of your blog, so when the user allow it so they can see your instant post notification directly on their devices without any real engagement. You can see the best demo in Facebook if you allow it like whenever you got a notification on Facebook so it will show you on your home screen whether you are not even online. Web push Notification is becoming trendiest more and more cause of its instant notification on every device.

How Much Traffic You Can Get After Enable Web Push Notification.

It surely depends on your notification publishing time the more interesting notification you send the more you can get traffic. However, it’s a best and trendiest way to drive Massive and huge traffic to your blog. There are lots of online sites and plugins available for web push notification but the best and FREE (For 2500 Subscribers) is Push Engage which has better features and premium plan as mentioned below.
  1. Forever FREE till +2500 Subscribers.
  2. Multi-Browser Support for Chrome and Mozilla.
  3. HTTP and HTTPS supported.
  4. Scheduled Your Notifications.
  5. Automatic Notifications with RSS Feed.
  6. WordPress Plugin with JavaScript API.

How to Add Push Engage in Blogger/WordPress?

If you are a WordPress user, so you can download Push Engage Official Plugin and it is fully automated so you only have to do is to create an account in Push Engage.

For Blogger User.

Open the Push Engage official site, fill up the right side input fields with your Website URL, Email and with Sub-domain then click on Start Your Free Trial Now.

Complete the installation setting with your appropriate information and click on update site settings.
Then, copy the JavaScript code as mention below images.

Now open your blogger account>> Template>> Edit HTML>> Click anywhere in HTML Editor for Focus in and PRESS CTRL+F for search box. 

Search </head> and paste the JavaScript code just above the </head> that you copied from Push Engage. Click on Save Template that’s it.

Now, visit your blog URL and check the push engage alert box.

Design Customization.

Now, you would see your notification alert box in default style of the browser so if you want to make it stylish so follow the steps mentioned below.

Click on Settings>> Subscription Dialog box settings from the left menu tab>> Then select your Dialog Type which are Safari style, Bell, Bottom Placed Bar and single step opt in. So choose your dialog type and click on update opt-in setting that’s it.

Finally, visit your blog and check that your web push notifications are working fine or not. You can also do more settings in Push Engage like opt-in timing and Auto Feed from which you don’t need to write a notification every time it will send your very updated post to your subscriber.



How to Convert Image Background Color into Transparent

Are you finding an easy way? To transparent any color background image with proper and same quality. There in this article you will learn how to change any image color background into transparent without losing their original quality in easy steps. Whatever your image has the extension i.e. JPEG, PNG, GIF you can convert it with your desired background color or transparency. You can also do this same work from Photoshop but that’s a complicated process in which you should have to know how to use lasso tool professionally so for a web user it’s just a time-consuming work. Let’s start the tutorial.

Follow the steps as mentioned below with screenshot.
  1. Open the Online Image Editor site.
  2. Click on Choose File>> Upload it.
  1. Click on Wizards>> Transparency as shown in below image.
  1. Check the Fuzz Factor and with meditation click on the image background.
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If image looking perfect so, save it and enjoy your desired image with transparent background.
I hope you learn differently and an easy way to transparent any image color background quickly with the same image quality that you had before transparent. If you are a web geek or designers so you can take many benefits as you want from this online tool.