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SEO TIME Responsive Blogger Template

SEO TIME Blogger Template
Today I am going to share with you the most beautiful and magical blogger template whose name is SEO TIME Responsive Blogger Template which is heartily designed by TemplateSilk. This template is amazingly designed and yeah! it will decrease your Bounce Rate with the rapid speed. I am also using this blogger template and it works like a magic for me, this template decreases my bounce rate and increases my page views 2X times and it would be magical for everyone who wants some open change in traffic as well as on bounce rate.
This template has both FREE and PREMIUM Version which is mentioned below.
In FREE Version you will get the below qualities.
  • Highly Responsive you can check its responsiveness from any website or tool.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • SMO Optimized.
  • Multi Ads Friendly.
  • Fluid Effects.
  • New Navigation's.
  • Professional look post area.
  • Professional Ready Subscription Box.
  • Unique Social Media Section.
  • Fast and Speed for High Rank at Search Engine.
  • Ready-made Author Box.
  • Top trendy notification area.
  • Auto Label Track Featured Post Area.
In Premium Version you will get the extra qualities as mentioned below.
  • Advanced SEO Optimized ( Schema and Micro Tags ).
  • Credit FREE.
  • For Unlimited Domains.
  • Remove Encrypted Scripts.
  • Life Time Support and Updates.
Download this blogger template and if you are serious in blogging field or want to get more and advanced features of this theme with lifetime support so don’t wait to go for it. This blogger theme would be magical for your blog as well as for SEO in Google Ranking factor.



How to Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From YouTube

Backlinks from YouTube
YouTube is a highly authority and most viewed online video site after Google in Alexa. So you can take advantage from this online site by making Do Follow and No Follow backlinks from it which is really an effective method for anyone who wants to rank their quality content in good position and rank. In this tutorial, you will also learn that how you can make effective backlinks from YouTube in simple and easy steps.

How to Get One Time Do-Follow Backlink from YouTube

YouTube will only allow you to give the blog main URL at once, so if you want to make Do Follow backlinks more than once for other blogs if you have so you will have to create a new YouTube Channel every time for a new Do Follow Backlink. Let’s come on the main guide which is mentioned below in simple steps.

First of all, create a YouTube Channel if you haven’t created yet and then move on this address ( for verifying the YouTube channel.

Then, move on this address “” and add your main blog URL on Associated website>> Click on add and a green success radio button would be displayed as shown in below image.
DoFollow Backlinks YouTube

Scroll down the page and click on save, that’s it.

How to get HQ YouTube Backlink for Every Post?

This would be an effective trick for you to get a good rank on Google Search Results like if you want to increase the visibility of a specific post so indeed you should have to follow the steps as mentioned below.
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Search your main keyword of your post in Google, then move on Videos section and click on the first video that’s already ranked on the first position. There you have to give the suitable comment with your post URL and keyword repeat the same thing on starting 3 ranked videos and wait several days for the upcoming update of post ranking.

So these were the two simple and effective tricks of YouTube to gaining Do Follow backlinks as well as Good Rank.



How to Get HQ Backlinks From Wikipedia in 2 Methods

Backlinks From Wikipedia
Do you want to learn? the easy way to get the quality backlinks from Wikipedia. Which is an easy way for you to increase the backlinks as well as DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) for your blog.

Wikipedia will give you no-follow backlink but still you would get the more worth than no-follow link because Wikipedia is a highly connected source from Google so getting no follow backlinks from it will increase your search ranking juice and boost up your post stamina to stand out on the first page.

Here in this article, I am going to share two methods with you for Wikipedia Backlink Strategy that is mentioned below.

1. Dead Link Strategy

Dead link strategy is an easy strategy for everyone to get some decent amount of backlinks on every article but it all goes to your effort or smart work so read the whole article with meditation. In this strategy, you have to find some dead link similar or related to your niche then replace it with your own link but for this, you will have to do some little research and yeah the smart work in order to gain more quality backlinks from the same dead link.

First of all, open the online site WikiGrabber from which you can easily find dead links which would be related to your niche. So first search any main keyword of your post as shown below in image here I use the keyword “Backlinks”.


There, you will see the screen in which some links would be present with citation need the yellow box, so simply click on dead links as shown in the image below and open any link which is similar or related to your niche in a new tab.


Then, install the Check My Links Extension on your Google Chrome Browser.

After installing refresh, the new tab Wikipedia page and once click the Check My Link icon at your extension bar (top right corner) and you would see the page like below in image so scroll the page and find the red highlighted link and note down their reference number i.e. in below image reference number is 8.
Wikipedia Dead Links

Press CTRL+F and search that number like this [REFERENCE-NUMBER-HERE]. Then click on edit at the selective paragraph in which reference number is present like in below image the dead link is in [8] number so I am going to click the edit of the reference number paragraph.
Wikipedia Backlinks

So edit the ref link and replace it with your post link that you wanted to give instead of a dead link as shown in below image.
Wikipedia Edit Link
Then scroll the page and type the text Updated the Dead Link on edit summary section and don’t forget to check it on minor edit as shown in below image.

Wikipedia submit link
Click on Submit Changes that’s it.

2. ATRL (Asked Replacement Link) Method

This method would be a bonus point method for you because from a little smart work you can get lots of FREE high authority backlinks so let me tell you that how you can do that.

When you found the dead link so paste the main URL of that link on Ahrefs and download the CSV file of inbound links via Export and then write an email as a notification to the webmaster which is still giving the do follow backlink to the dead link that “this has dead or no more and I would be very happy if you replace that link with that in which totally fresh and updated content is present and will be helpful for your readers to spare their precious time on that page”.

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It’s just the example message which I wrote here for just explaining to you that how you can get tons of HQ backlinks from a single dead link. So you can send the better and impressive mail to the webmaster and don’t forget to do the smart work which is very necessary for this ATRL method.



How to Get PR9 DoFollow Backlinks From Google Plus

Dofollow Backlinks Google Plus
Backlinks are very important nowadays if u want to rank medium or high keywords and for this, you can take help from social media sites like Google+, Facebook and from Reddit to get high authority backlinks. So today Google+ is our chain topic in which you will continue to learn that how you can get FREE do follow backlink from it without any complicated work. Let’s start the work without any waste of time.

First, make your complete profile in Google plus if you haven’t created yet.

Then, click on Profile>> About>> There you will see Sites section so click pencil which is present on the right-hand side of Sites section.

Click on + in link area and add your blog name and URL, then scroll the down and there you will see contributor to so here also add your blog name with URL and click on OK. That’s it.
google plus backlinks
Click on lock icon at “Links” and “Contributor to” that is present in sites section and then check it on public instead of private for getting backlinks as well as traffic too.

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So this was the easy guide for you to build the high authority backlinks and you can check your link through inspect element to ensure that Google+ still giving you FREE Do follow backlinks.